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SAGE Premier

SAGE Premier is the new name for the library service. It gives access to all SAGE journals across a wide range of subject areas. Sage is not bound by geography or subject, unlike other library service providers. Sage also offers localized information for 17 subject areas.

SAGE Premier was created with librarians in mind. It offers significant discounts off the list price. It provides access to more than 600,000 articles and peer-reviewed journals that are published by over 350 societies. The greatest benefit of SAGE Premier is that subscribers can access content from 1999, and also new content each year.

Sage Premier is available to UCF Libraries. Sage Premier provides access to Sage journals, which cover the years 1999 and up. UCF is not able to access to these journals prior to this. Students and faculty are trying to gain access Backfile articles from these journals. They attempted to open 1,765 articles in 396 Sage journals in 2010.

SAGE Knowledge is the ultimate social sciences eReference library. It brings together content from all SAGE imprints. Researchers can cross-search and locate reliable information from one source, making it easier to cross-search. SAGE Knowledge includes both qualitative and quantitative research methods, as well social sciences. It also provides an online video library.

CQ Press

In addition to its academic journals, CQ Press publishes books and electronic media. Its publications are distributed throughout the world of academia, including numerous international publications. The offices of the company include Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, and Singapore. Its website is also accessible online. The company also publishes a variety of staff directories.


Sage Premier is a subscription service that allows libraries of universities to access more than 1000 peer-reviewed, high-impact research publications. It offers a wide selection of titles that are focused on STEM subjects. Access to all content published between 1999-present is included in the subscription. Since USF has perpetual access to these titles, USF students and faculty have access to all publications published by Sage.

SAGE began as an organization that focused on social sciences. However it has expanded its offerings to include STEM subjects. In 2004 the USF library at the university subscribed to six subject-specific packages from Sage. The subscription was upgraded to Sage Premier in 2007. The Premier package gives access to almost all Sage journals.

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